If You Need Help

SmartGrowth strives to serve as many eligible farmers and agriculturalists as we can within the scope of our resources. If you have an issue that you think we may be able to help with, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at 919-682-5969 (local) or 1-800-672-5839 (toll free).  Prior to doing so, please read the website’s Terms of Use.

When you call, we will set up a time to do a brief over-the-phone intake procedure. After an intake is completed, the file is evaluated to ensure that it meets certain requirements — for example, that LLPP’s income guidelines are not exceeded and that the case involves a legal area handled by SmartGrowth. Please note that we are North Carolina-licensed attorneys and practice law in North Carolina.

If the case satisfies our preliminary criteria, the matter will be evaluated further by a staff attorney who will communicate with you concerning whether SmartGrowth may be able to assist you. In the event that we cannot represent you, we generally try to provide referrals to other attorneys who may be able to offer assistance.